Gregory BrammerHis passionate path since undergrad days gives him a collective and broad-based skill set. He was accepted as a member of the Fellow American College of Emergency Physicians and Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Brammer has enjoyed a multifaceted career throughout his nineteen years as an Emergency Medicine Physician. He is a respected Physician, EMS Specialist, Cardiac Resuscitation Expert and Educator with works published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, and Veterinary & Human Toxicology. Dr. Brammer speaks and has lectured internationally on EMS medicine and other Health and Wellness topics.

Brammer graduated as the Outstanding Senior and Valedictorian of the College of Engineering and Architecture, the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Washington State University. While an undergrad, he took graduate level courses in Electrical Engineering and Physics where he focused on Electromagnetic Field Wave Theory. His work, “Automatic Stage Design of Plasma Physics Laboratory”, was well received in the scientific community.

In pursuit of a career in medicine, Brammer graduated from the University of Washington, a top-tier medical school, with a significant contribution to the cutting edge project “Biomagnetic Localization of Current Dipoles in the Heart Wall”. As an MD, he was selected for the University of Arizona, Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program, which is recognized as the preeminent program in the United States. As a Resident, Dr. Brammer was honored for his work in Toxicology.

Dr. Brammer became a recognized authority on Advanced Cardiac Resuscitation, in addition to being an innovator and program specialist in Emergency Medical Services. He has held multiple executive leadership roles within the two largest hospital systems in the region: Multicare Health Care Systems and CHI Franciscan Health.

Dr. Brammer was the Administrator for Kitsap County Emergency Medical Services as Medical Program Director. Additionally, in the capacity of Physician Supervisor he was responsible for hiring, training and quality assurance of paramedics for five Pierce County Fire Departments covering the majority of the population within the County. In these roles, Brammer’s responsibilities included supervising, teaching and training the health care providers serving an estimated 2.5 million people in the region.

Responsible for the successful introduction and early adoption of ambulance Point-of-Care-Testing in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Brammer developed a proprietary education and training program for EMTs and Paramedics. The system and training allowed Paramedics and Emergency Department Physicians to have critical lab test results within minutes, often in advance of their arrival at the hospital. This lifesaving testing method provides the same or better accuracy than those performed in a traditional laboratory setting. Its use can diminish Emergency Department bed occupancy by a significant one to two hours for each patient requiring these lab tests.

Washington is home for Dr. Brammer. He’s homegrown, hometown educated from Kindergarten to earning his MD at the University of Washington. He enjoys giving back to the community that has been so good to him. With interests in health and wellness, community programs, and humanitarian relief, civil rights and animal welfare, he’s devoted thousands of hours volunteering in support of these causes.

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Gregory R Brammer MD FACEP
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